What is it about ladylike dressing that always feels so right? Enter this playful collection from WHiT, offering flattering silhouettes, bright colors and retro-inspired prints. From chic blouses to cozy striped sweaters and stylish outerwear, you’re guaranteed to find a unique piece (or two) to add to your wardrobe. About the brand: Founded by Whitney Pozgay in 2010, WHiT is famous for a feminine, relaxed aesthetic ideal for the modern woman on the go.

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Whit Women’s T-Shirt Dress (Black/White)

Whit Women’s T-Shirt Dress (Coral/Camel)

Whit Women’s Venus Dress (Black/White)

Whit Women’s Lyra Dress (Black)

Whit Women’s Plute Pinafore (Black)

Whit Women’s Maddie Skirt (Midnight)

Whit Women’s Laser Skirt (Black)

Whit Women’s Oversize Tee (Black/White)

Whit Women’s Astronomer Blouse (Acid Yellow)

Whit Women’s Beam Shift (Emerald Multi)

WHiT Women’s Jane Blouse (Beige/Ivory)

WHiT Women’s Tippi Trench Coat with Removable Collar (Olive)

WHiT Women’s Twill Sophie Dress (Camel)

WHiT Women’s Double-Breasted Raincoat (Khaki)

Whit Women’s Banded Wool Sweater (Camel)

WHiT Women’s Beau Cashmere Sweater (Cocoa/Royal Blue)

WHiT Women’s Beau Cashmere Sweater (Navy/Starlight)

WHiT Women’s Sandwashed Fuji Dotted Silk Dress (Sage)

WHiT Women’s Silk Wheat Print Jane Blouse (Salmon/Black)

WHiT Women’s Sun-Kissed Stripe Palm Tank (Black/White)

WHiT Women’s Sandwashed Fuji Jellyfish Skirt (Sage Dot)

WHiT Women’s Katherine Blazer (Navy)